Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lily’s ‘big bed’

Over the last few weeks Lily has decided to try sleeping in her own bed.

Your reaction to that last sentence will probably depend on what you think of co-sleeping. Some people, for example, will be thinking, “It’s about bloody time!” For them Lily has been ‘too old’ to share our bed for quite some time. In fact, for many it was always a bit of a suspect thing for us to do.

In contrast, my reaction was fairly mixed. It was one of pride, of excitement and, in all honesty, of deep sadness.

I loved sharing our bed with Lily. From the moment we brought her home my instinct to physically comfort her at night was overpowering. My sleepiness dulled the shock of all the changes that this new life involved and I found that I could just nurture (and feed) her without thought. Sharing the bed with her Papa also meant that they got to bond quickly despite his full time job.

As time went on Lily began to snuggle us back. The warm feeling of her little arms wrapped around me and the rhythm of her breath would often lull me back to sleep when I woke during the night.

These last few weeks I have missed her little body next to mine, but I am also enjoying her pride in claiming her own space and we’re still finding time for plenty of cuddles – especially when she creeps back in during the night.


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