Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Letter to Charlie - 10 months

Dear Charlie

Yesterday you turned 10 months old.

You are changing from a baby into a little boy before our eyes at the moment and it is quite amazing to watch. You're not walking yet, but you are extremely proficient at cruising around the walls and furniture, crawling and climbing up on to everything. I will be very pleased when you decide to get down backwards though, as charging forward is still your preferred approach.

In the last two months you have learned a few new words - like Lily, Grandpa, quack, nigh nigh, bye bye, bath, more and no - and you have figured out how to clap. You are particularly (and justifiably) impressed with your capacity to clap and have a tendency to crawl into the centre of a a crowded room, sit up, look around and clap (clearly waiting for applause). It kills me with cuteness.

You have also taken to food in a big way over the last two months and mostly eat what we are eating now. In fact, you get rather offended if we offer you something different and will even spit it back in our faces if you are sufficiently annoyed. You are also an excellent drinker and just love your water, which can only be a good thing.

Sadly, for me, you are not such a great sleeper. At least not during the night. Your nose is always a bit snuffly and this tends to wake you up. Rather than getting upset about having trouble breathing or feeding you seem to decide that since you're awake you may as well have a bit of a play... and, to be honest, I really quite disagree with your timing. Another issue is that you seem to want a bit more of your own sleeping space than your sister ever did. She was only settled when tightly wrapped up in someone's arms, while you seem to like spreading yourself out - often diagonally across the upper-middle part of the bed. This makes sharing a bed with you quite interesting at times...

I am, however, happy to report that after a short bout of grumpiness while you were cutting two new teeth, you have returned to your extremely sunny disposition. You spend most of the day smiling and love to have a good laugh. In fact, you are becoming quite the little clown in your attempts to make us laugh with you. You play peek-a-boo by putting blankets over your head or popping up from behind doors or furniture, and you will repeat almost any action that gets a laugh out of Lily.

We just got back from a holiday in Queensland and you had a great time. You loved the spa at the hotel we stayed in. One afternoon we went down to the pool and I had decided not to pack your swimmers and to take you out on the grass for a play instead. Well, we got to the gate and you started kicking your legs and shouting "bath, bath, bath!" and I realised that I'd have to rush back upstairs as you can be quite a stubborn little person at times.

You also loved the beach, it was like a giant sandpit for you to play in. Unfortunately you also enjoyed diving face first into the sand with your mouth open ready to scoop up as much sand as you could manage... The resulting gritty taste was apparently not much of a deterrent either.

Next month we are going to be moving to Melbourne, which will be quite an adventure. It is strange to think that you won't really remember your time growing up in Canberra. I think you'll enjoy Melbourne though. Hopefully we'll figure out how to go car-free and we can walk, cycle and catch trams everywhere. I think you'll like that.



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