Monday, 16 June 2008

15 months

Today you turned 15 months old. This month has been another big one. Your language development has kept moving on in leaps and bounds. I couldn’t possibly list all of your new words for the month, as there are just so many of them. You are fascinated by new words and will often play the parrot – echoing back the last one of every sentence that I say or the last one in each line of your favourite songs.

You are also even more mobile. You figured out how to jump a few weeks ago and after a disastrous first attempt that landed you on your head, you can now land properly on your feet. In addition to jumping, you remain obsessed with dancing. You frequently announce that you are going to dance and then proceed to bop up and down and stamp one foot to the rhythm in your head (or along to the music that you now insist that I play morning, noon and night).

Your real obsession at the moment, however, is ‘The Wiggles’. Oh how you are obsessed. We are considering treatment – perhaps Wiggles Anonymous – to help you out with this one. Often you will wake up in the morning and exclaim “Weiss” (your word for the Wiggles) and then get quite agitated that you cannot watch them immediately. We have decided to restrict you to 20 minutes a day (10 around 8:20am and 10 around 4:30pm) and outside of these times we tell you that they are sleeping.

During the day you will often run to the television and say “Weiss. Nigh Nigh” and then look at me hopefully in case I might consider waking them up. Usually you then give up, grab and book and say “Read this,” but every now and then you will also attempt to switch on the television and use the remote in the vague hope that they might appear and start dancing for you. It is a pitiful sight.

Your eating has really improved this last month. Having refused to take food from a spoon since you were around 7 months old, you are now quite happy for me to feed you and seem to delight in opening your mouth up wide when I ask you to. While you have never been very fussy, you just never seemed to get through very much food before and now you are finally actually eating fairly decent amounts for meals and managing to continue snacking throughout the day as you have always done.

In addition to all your talking, jumping, dancing, Wiggles-watching, and eating, you have really just been terrific company. This past month has been a difficult one for me as my uncle died after an amazingly courageous battle with cancer. Throughout it all you have been an absolute light and not just to me but also to your grandfather, who lost his little brother, and to your great-grandparents, who had to endure the loss of a son well before his time. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives and for being such a groovy little person.

love mama xox


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