Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Best thrift store find ever

Sorry, I know that I am meant to be on hiatus, but I really had to share this with you. I got this wooden play kitchen (plus another shelving/cupboard unit that I will have to pick up later because it wouldn't fit this time) for $60!

[I was actually tipped off about it by a lovely friend, so I can't really claim any credit, but I am still pretty happy.]

I have been wanting to get Lily a play kitchen for a while now, but they are really expensive new and so this was very exciting.

Of course, Lily loves it.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

A hiatus, but

C is going to keep posting her letters to L, and I'm going to start posting some of the many photos we've got stored on our hard drive. I've been thinking of starting a photo blog, but I'm not sure how committed I am (and whether there exists enough time in the world for these things).

Anyway, to kick off the trial of picture posting, here are a handful of images of our street this morning - Oh yes, winter is here...

Thursday, 17 April 2008

13 months

Dear Lily

On Monday you turned 13 months old.

In the last month you have been growing up so quickly. Your brain seems to be on overdrive at the moment as you strive to constantly learn new words and concepts. Yesterday you roared like a lion in your sleep, then woke up saying "Aye", proceeded to beat your chest like a gorilla, before sitting up and demanding "Shoes" so that you could immediately go outside! Your papa and I almost wet ourselves because we were laughing so much. Your mobility also just keeps getting more and more impressive. You can now run and climb everywhere and seem to do both all the time.

You have truly discovered the power of language and are very focused on acquiring new words to add to your collection. Your favourites at the moment are No, Duck and Shoes, but anything new gets a good workout too. This month you have learned Baby, Bear, Bike, Boy, Cat (pronounced Dat), Car, Chin, Doll, Eye, Hey, Knee, Lily, Meow, Milk, Nose, Out, Shoes, Teeth, Teddy, Wah wah wah and Yes (something that we have focused on to try to counteract your love of the word NO).

This month you started going along to Paint and Play on Wednesday mornings and you just love it. You run around chasing the older kids and getting into all of the toys and musical instruments. You also painted your first couple of pictures - in between trying to eat the paint. The first is currently being displayed on our fridge, while I have to admit that I actually left the second one behind... Sorry. I am sure that there will be many more to come.

Last weekend we went up to Sydney for Uncle Jono and Aunty Nat's engagement party. You had a great time at the party hanging out with all the guests who doted on you and running riot in the kitchen. Afterwards we took you along to the Australian Museum where we saw the Face to Face exhibit and then headed up to Kid's Zone where you were in heaven. There were mountains of animals (wooden and soft) for you to play with, mirrors to gaze at and lots of other children to steal toys from.

As always, it has been a pleasure watching you grow and learn little one. I can only hope that this parenting gig continues to be so much fun.


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A quick update in dot points

Sorry that I haven't really updated since Lily's birthday. Things have been a little hectic around here and blogging seems to have taken a backseat on my priority list. So, I thought that I would just do a quick update post in order to bring things up to date.
  • My brother got engaged to his long time girlfriend - a long awaited event that left everyone in the family smiling.
  • I made a couple of dolls that I am unreasonably proud of (using patterns that some very kind bloggers supply for free online). [Another post with photos to follow]
  • I got a horrible gastro virus that left me vomiting for a day and then recovering for a couple.
  • We went to Questacon and discovered the wonders of Mini-Q and bought an annual membership so that we can take Lily along whenever we want to.
  • P. took every morning off work last week so that I could try to get some more of my PhD done.
  • Then P. got the same gastro virus (minus the vomit, thank goodness).
  • We bought some purple potatoes at the Farmers Markets, which I think are the coolest things ever. [Another post with photos to follow]
  • I have been getting right into the garden and tackling the jungle of weeds that grew while Lily was too little to hang out with me in the dirt. [Again, a post and photos will follow - unfortunately I didn't take a before photo so you will never know what an achievement the after actually is!]
  • P.'s sister gave birth to a baby girl and so we have a brand new (and very gorgeous) member of the family. She makes Lily look simply enormous!
  • Now I am coming down with a cold. Yay.
  • We are heading up to Sydney this weekend for my brother's engagement party and so that I can have a meeting with my supervisors... yikes!
OK, must now try to work through my cold. Boo hoo.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Little scientist

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Zimbabwe holds it's breath

Maybe, just maybe this time will be different to Burma, Kenya, Tiananmen Square...

Image courtesy of The Guardian (John Moore/Getty Images)


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