Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The week that's been

  • Lily had her immunisations on Wednesday morning and woke up with a fever that night. She then started projectile vomiting and so we called Health First. They told us only to start worrying if the vomiting continued into the next day or her temperature went above 39 C. Instead she just woke up every 40 minutes - crying pitifully until we rocked her back to sleep.
  • We had our housewarming party on Saturday and it was lovely - lots of good food, lots good company, and not a lot of mess at the end.
  • Lily was in a grumpy mood all day on Sunday and we found out why that night when she came down with a cold. By Monday she was really unwell - her nose and eyes were streaming and the poor little thing was coughing and sneezing constantly.
  • She is getting better today, but now I am getting sick.
  • I don't care what Kevin Rudd did in New York four years ago

Friday, 17 August 2007

8 random facts about me

Isil from Veggie Way tagged me to do this meme and so here are 8 random facts about me:

1. I wanted to be an actor right up until I finished school. For some reason I woke up on the morning of my first audition to get into Theatre Arts at University and changed my mind. As a result I got into my back-up choice: law. I have never regretted this decision.

2. I worked as a corporate solicitor (lawyer) for exactly one year. It did not suit me.

3. I became a vegetarian when I was 5 years old. I made the sudden connection between the chicken in my bowl and those that lived on the same farm as my aunty's horse. I marched into the kitchen and declared that I would no longer eat meat. Fortunately I had very tolerant and well-informed parents who knew how to cook vegetarian food for me.

4. I am deeply untalented at drawing and painting. I wish that this was not the case and envy people who can draw well.

5. I studied the violin for 4.5 years. By the end of that time I still sounded like a screeching cat. This was due to a combination of a severe lack of talent and a complete failure to practice.

6. I also used to figure skate, but never particularly well.

7. I lived (with my family) in a religious community in Melbourne when I was a small child. It was called 'The House of the Gentle Bunyip'.

8. P. and I met in High School. In fact, we even dated for a time in high school. However, you could not really describe us as 'high school sweethearts'.

I'm tagging anyone who feels like doing this meme...

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

5 months

Dear Lily

Yesterday your turned five months old. That means that you are almost six months old - which feels like a huge milestone for some reason.

This last month you have been in perpetual motion. You never seem to stop moving, unless you are asleep (and then only sometimes). You have also taken to grabbing desperately at anything within reach (and shoving it straight into your mouth) - particularly everything and anything that is in my hands. Your motto at the moment could be neatly summed up by that terrible song "I want it all, and I want it now". There is simply too much to discover and no where near enough waking hours for your satisfaction.

You have been particularly interested in food and after weeks of trying to satisfy you with just spoons or cups, we decided to give you a tiny taste of some pumpkin. I am not sure if you actually got any of it into your tummy, but you certainly had a lot of fun getting it basically everywhere else.

A couple of weeks ago a miracle occurred and you stayed asleep in your pram while it was stationary. I had given up on this ever happening and was momentarily stunned. However, then I went and did something that I have been wanting to do since you were born - I sat down at a cafe and read a book while you slept. I had seen other mothers do this before and dreamed that one day it would be me. And you know what? It was just as good as I had hoped. Since then you have slept through many a coffee and for this I shall remain eternally grateful.

Sleeping through the night, however, is not exactly your strong point. Instead you prefer to feed rather regularly. You are also not keen on going down by yourself, which is something that we really need to fix because going to bed at 7:30pm is getting kind of boring. I realise that this is entirely my choice, but the thing is that I just hate upsetting you and would rather wait for you to adjust to changes really slowly. So I guess you could say that I have made my bed and must literally lie in it for the time being...

Last weekend we went up to Sydney to visit Grandma & Grandpa and Uncle Jono and Aunty Nat. It was a beautiful weekend - the sun was sparkling off the harbour and we spent lots of time outside just soaking up the warmth. We even went to the beach and you got to put those little feet of yours back into the sand. I must admit; I am pretty excited about this summer. I simply cannot wait to take you into the ocean. I think that you are going to love it.


Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sunshine and happiness

Just back from a lovely weekend in Sydney.

The weather was beautiful, Lily was adored by all and sundry, and a
good time has had indeed.

Canberra is, of course, rather chilly, but that's just how it all works.

At least we have a buggle to keep us warm at night...

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Saturation point

Yesterday Lily decided that sleeping was not on her agenda. From 7am until 4pm she slept a total of about an hour and that was in tiny hard-earned snippets throughout the day. The weird thing was that for the rest of the time she was perfectly happy and calm - just completely determined not to sleep.

By 3pm I thought that I was going mad. I love her to bits, but trying to settle her (to sleep) all day was almost too much for me to handle - especially after two weeks of very broken sleep. Finally I put her in the sling and she slept for 2 and a half hours. I don't know why I didn't try the sling earlier, except that I was so tired that I kept hoping that she would just sleep in her hammock so that I too could have a nap...

Today P. stayed home so that he could help me to maintain my sanity. I washed her nappies ALL BY MYSELF and it was fantastic.

Sometimes you just need a break - even if it involves pooey nappies.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

For the love of feet

Lily discovered her feet last week. It was fun to watch.

When the opportunity arises, she will now suck her big toe in much the same way as her thumb.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Man chops off own hand in offering to Hindu goddess - man is clearly crazy, but I blame religion

Umm, I know that some people take their religion very seriously. And being an atheist, I have to be careful not to be overly dismissive of other people's beliefs – each to their own and all that. But I draw the line at this.

Seriously. Chopping off ones own hand as an offering to a goddess(even one as scary as Kali) is totally insane. I'm not blaming Hinduism. It is a wacky religion, but then aren't they all?

One would imagine that the particular man involved (and it's pretty much always men, isn't it) would have done the same thing for Christ, or Yahweh, or Allah, or Tirthankara, or Zarathustra, or Amaterasu, or possibly even the Buddha or Lao Tzu.

It just gets to me that people harm themselves (and worse still others) in the name of religion.

Right. Enough out of me this morning.


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